What is Sexplanations?

Sexplanations is sexedutainment for the universe hosted by Dr. Lindsey Doe. The show is designed around the 4 minutes model of YouTube EDU to share incredible knowledge while inspiring the audience to..

The most viewed episode is Vagina Toys, followed Pelvic Exam, Anal Sex, Masturbation, and Consent. The channel has covered over 220 topics and has reached over 190 nations. It's in its sixth year and continuing shame-free, comprehensive efforts to educate on everything sex.

Dr. Lindsey Doe the host is also a doctor of human sexuality who runs a private practice in clinical sexology where she works directly with clients on their sexual health goals. She also travels internationally speaking to various campuses and conferences about her work and curiosity. You can learn more about Dr.


In 2013, video blogging producer Hank Green partnered with Doe to create "Sexplanations", a video series explaining sexual topics. Doe and her channel have been called "a treasured presence" by Laci Green, the producer of sex ed show Sex+, who started on YouTube in 2008.

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